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Our Mission is to help you cure hemorrhoids, booth internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids.

With the regular use of HemAway toilet seat adapter, you will immediately feel relief after using it.

Testimonials for Anti-Hemorrhoid Toilet Seat Adapter

Dragan Ivanov

Primarius MD MSc

It is estimated that about a third of people leading a modern life have this health problem.
Mechanical, circulation and inflammatory factors are involved in the onset of hemorrhoid disease. Hemorrhoids are most commonly caused by bowel movements due to stretching of the structures of the anal region, irregular stools, prolonged sitting, and excessive strain on the abdominal muscles. In women, hemorrhoids can occur during pregnancy and after childbirth.
The most significant and most common complication is hemorrhoid vein thrombosis, followed by inflammation, which usually causes the most problems.
One of the most significant provoking factors is the non-physiological stretching of the muscle fibers and blood vessels of the anal region. This leads to the creation of conditions for hemorrhoid disease. Numerous microtraumas of blood vessel walls and bacterial penetration through the resulting defects occur. As a result, thrombosis and inflammation of the hemorrhoid veins occur, resulting in pain, bleeding and other ailments accompanying the hemorrhoid disease.
This simple yet effective invention prevents the region’s blood vessels and muscle fibers from emptying, which prevents damage to the hemorrhoid veins and the onset of infection, which are precisely the factors that contribute significantly to the onset of hemorrhoid disease.

Users of a HemAway

Here you can find what the users of a HemAway think about the curing hemorrhoids with this product

8 reviews for Hemaway Adapter

  1. Ethan


    After the first use, I have felt an effect, after a few uses, I finally have no more problems with hemorrhoids. Thank you 🙂

  2. John


    I honestly doubted HemAway could help me. I tried everything and it was unsuccessful or with short-term effect. But HemAway solved my problem and finally hemorrhoids are a thing of the past for me

  3. Georg


    I was in severe pain because of the hemorrhoids before I heard about the “anti-hemorrhoid seat”. There’s nothing I’ve tried. I came to the conclusion that I was offered hemorrhoid surgery as the only solution. Because I was losing a lot of blood, I was as pale as a patch. In addition, I had unprecedented pain, which affected my sex life. The miracle happened, you will not believe, after first using the “anti-hemorrhoid seat”. Even then, I felt easier! In my experience, I have recommended an “anti-hemorrhoid seat” to friends who have had problems with hemorrhoids. Thank you!!!

  4. Valentine


    I got the anti-hemorrhoid seat 15 days ago and I’m already feeling better. I am 40 years old and have been struggling with hemorrhoids for many years until I had surgery ten years ago. However, after that surgery (I hadn’t gone to the controls for years because my doctors told me it was normal), anus stenosis appeared, and to make it all the more painful, last year and polyp. The doctors won’t remove that little polyp for me, they say it’s not a threat, it’s benign, so I have to urinate during every stool.
    With the anti-hemorrhoid, the seat is made easier because there is no vein spread in the opening. I’m still trying to get used to using my abdominal muscles because this seat makes you use muscular muscles, not straining, causing even more pain. I recommend it to everyone, especially think of those who have hemorrhoids external or internal would be very helpful. Of course, eight hours of sitting at work is an aggravating circumstance, so one must be physically active and at least walk as much as possible!

  5. Adler


    This HemAway is great, incredibly simple and so helpful.

  6. Brede


    It really helps, i bought two one for the house and one for the cottage. Thank you

  7. Datherine


    My experiences are great, I especially like that it is a natural solution.

  8. Michael


    When I found out about the HemAway the anti hemorrhoid toilet seat adapter, logically thinking I came to the conclusion that there was something there. With me, hemorrhoids have been occurring occasionally during the emptying of the bowel. Then the hemorrhoids pop out and at the same time bleed. I used various creams, but I was annoyed by the greasing in the morning and evening. The effect is very weak. Now I’m used to the HemAway, and I don’t always use it, but when I feel there will be problems. Preventively I only use it 2-3 times in a row. Hemorrhoids had calm, and I’m calm for the next 5-6 months. I always wash after emptying of the bowel! I eat regularly spicy since I love it very much, which was not the case before and I have no problems.

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