HemAway – Cure Hemorrhoids

Learn How To Cure Internal And External Hemorrhoids with HemAway Adapter.


The HemAway toilet seat adapter is universal and is mounted on an existing toilet seat and is used during the emptying of the bowels.


HemAway Use

The HemAway adapter is universal, should be placed on the existing toilet adapter. It is used during the emptying of the bowels. The HemAway adapter is directly placed on the toilet adapter, with the protruding parts facing down which prevent the excessive movement of the adapter and sinking into the bowl. The logo sign should be behind your back. It should be sat on slowly, after which the bowels are normally emptied. After use, the HemAway adapter can be put away.


Immediate Relief

With the first use of the HemAway adapter, you will feel relief during the emptying of the bowels, and with every subsequent use, the hemorrhoids will disappear. The HemAway adapter can be used preventively, as well as when hemorrhoids appear. We recommend the continuous use of the adapter to avoid the reappearance of hemorrhoids.

Taking Care

The HemAway adapter is suitable for small children as well, seeing that the inner opening of the adapter prevents their falling in and getting hurt. Furthermore, compared to the regular toilet adapter, it enables easier standing up for elderly persons, as well as disabled individuals.

The HemAway adapter is suitable for travel since it doesn’t take up much space.

The maintenance of the HemAway adapter is very simple and easy. When needed, the HemAway adapter should be lightly rinsed, using diluted detergent, liquid soap or some other cleaning agent, after which it should be left to dry or wiped dry with a soft towel. In the beginning, the use of the HemAway adapter will feel unusual, but you will gradually become accustomed to the feeling. Do not give up!

Note this:
During the first use, the HemAway adapter opening will likely appear small to you, but with every use, you will easily get used to the eased bowel movement and see the advantages of this product. (The main point of the HemAway adapter is that its smaller opening doesn’t allow the stretching of the skin and the hemorrhoid vein).

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