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What is a HemaWay adapter?

What is a HemAway adapter?

The HemAway toilet seat adapter has been extensively studied, tested and has proven to ease and eliminate hemorrhoid problems. The HemAway adapter works thanks to its innovative shape and design, without using any additional energy sources such as magnets or batteries. With the use of the HemAway seat which prevents the hemorrhoid vein from stretching during a bowel movement, the hemorrhoids will disappear after a short period of continuous use of the seat.

What are the advantages of the HemAway adapter?

Long-Term use of the HemAway adapter, according to our customer testimonials, will enable you to have a normal and moderate diet without the need to give up alcohol, spicy and sour food, etc.
According to the widely available information that can be found on the internet, almost every tenth person on Earth has some form of hemorrhoidal disease. Major world economies allocate large sums of money towards surgical procedures. The use and distribution of the HemAway adapter can lead to great savings in the social and health insurance policies offered by countries.

What is the efficiency of the HemAway adapter?

According to our customer testimonials so far, the HemAway adapter is completely successful in eliminating any hemorrhoid disease.

What is the HemAway adapter made of?

The HemAway adapter is made of medical plastic – a waterproof, non-toxic and hygienic material.

Where can I get the HemAway adapter?

The HemAway adapter can be ordered only on this website.
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What if the HemAway adapter doesn’t help me?

In case you are not satisfied with HemAway, you can return it within thirty days and you will get a full refund.

What HemAway can do for me?

When should I use the HemAway adapter?

The HemAway adapter can be used preventively, as well as when hemorrhoids appear. The HemAway adapter is used during the emptying of the bowel. We recommend continuous use to prevent the reappearance of the hemorrhoids. Besides being a therapeutic healing adapter, the HemAway adapter can also be used preventively.

Who can use the HemAway seat?

The HemAway seat can be used by anyone who has hemorrhoid problems (expecting mothers, athletes, manual laborers, people who spend a lot of time in the sitting position, etc.). There are no contraindications. The HemAway seat is suitable for small children as well, seeing that the inner opening of the seat prevents their falling in and getting hurt. Furthermore, compared to the regular toilet seat, it enables the easier getting up for elderly persons, as well as disabled individuals.

How quickly and in what way does the HemAway adapter work?

The HemAway adapter works exclusively due to its shape. Depending on the severity of the condition, the HemAway adapter shows its first positive results after 1-3 uses.

When will I feel the first results?

With the first use of the HemAway adapter, you will feel relief during a bowel movement, and with every further use, the hemorrhoids will gradually disappear. Seeing that every person is unique, the HemAway adapter will, in most cases, be enough to eliminate hemorrhoids, while some specific cases will require the practice of regular personal hygiene, avoiding spicy and hot foods, less sitting, cutting back on greasy food, etc..

Can the HemAway adapter be used with other types of treatment?

Seeing that there is no possibility of any contraindications, the HemAway adapter can be used with other types of treatment (Western or traditional medicine).


The HemAway adapter is very easy and simple to maintain. When needed, the HemAway adapter should be lightly rinsed, using diluted detergent, liquid soap or some other cleaning agent, after which it should be left to dry or wiped dry with a soft towel.

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